This is an in-development version. Grow with us! 🎉

Quick start

1 . Install the Fustak CLI by running the following command in your terminal:

curl -L | sh 

This will install the Fustak CL

Run fustak --help to get more information and verify that it's working correctly.

2 . Use the init command to start a new project. Navigate to your project directory in the terminal and run:

fustak template

This will create a new project with default settings. It is not fully working yet. You will have to complete the steps from the Tutorial page to get it working.

3 . Enter on the fustak folder:

cd fustak 

4 . Register to the Fustak server by running the register command:

fustak register 
  • − This will create a new account on the Fustak server.
  • − This will save your PRIVATE token in the file ".token" inside the ".fustak" folder for use by the CLI. It would be best if you did not share it with anyone.
  • − This will return the URL of your project.

5 . Deploy your project to the web by running the deploy command, followed by the name of the file you want to deploy:

fustak deploy src/migrations/20210101_create_counter_table_up.db 

This will deploy your project to the Fustak server.

6 . Visit your project website by going to:

fustak url 

This will return the URL of your project.

7 . Send us feedback:

fustak feedback